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Upgrade Your Wellness Routine With Massages

Why are they important?

At Breo, we believe that massages shouldn’t be limited to luxury spas and wellness centers. In our opinion, a well-rounded wellness routine includes setting aside time for a daily massage, no matter what form it may come in. Massages are considered effective treatments to alleviate pain, reduce stress and muscle tension. Studies have shown that massages can relieves symptoms of daily stress, muscle tension, and help clear the mind. We’re all guilty of not taking the time to give back to ourselves, and massages can be used as a tool to promote your overall wellness and used as time to check in with your body.

Why should you get a massage?

Stress Reliever

Massage therapy is a great way to rid the body of stress. Studies show that regular massage therapy boosts overall energy levels in addition to significant pain reduction.

Muscle Relaxation

Relax your shoulders. Now your jaw. We don’t realize how much tension we carry in our muscles throughout the day. When your body is tense, cortisol (a stress-hormone) is released. This can cause weight-gain, headaches, insomnia, and digestive problems... No thank you. Regular massages can decrease your cortisol levels, which means improved mood, decreased stress, and a happier you!

Combat Effects of Sitting

We get it. There’s just no getting around sitting at work. Most people experience muscle tension and pain because of their posture, something even a standing desk can’t fix. Things like sitting at your desk and typing on a computer and poor posture cause you to carry tension in your neck and shoulders. Prolonged sitting can also contribute to lower back pain due to weakened muscles. Massage therapy can combat this by releasing tension the tension you carry in those muscles,help get your body back in alignment, and improve posture.

Improve Quality of Sleep

When you’re relaxed, it is easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep is essential to your body’s performance. Lack of sleep can lead to decreased cognitive function, muscle tension, and fatigue. Regular massages promote the relaxation of muscles, which encourages decreased cortisol levels and overall health and quality of sleep improvements.

Strengthen the Immune System 

Massages can help to improve the strength of your immune system. Literally. Studies show that regular massages boost white blood cell counts, which aid in defending the body from illness. Adding massages into your wellness routine can improve overall quality of life.

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