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About Us



Since our foundation in 2000, our R&D department has been inspired by traditional Chinese medicine theory with our global customer’s needs in mind.

Since then, the Breo team has expanded to help spread our mission of assisting people of all kinds, in all places, to relax. As a result, our portable massagers have become one of the most popular wellness products around the globe. In addition to our 200+ person team, Breo has over 100 storefronts and we operate in over 60 countries including the United States, Australia, Korea, and Japan.


Each Breo product is specially crafted - from design, to use, to results - to make the lives of our customers easier. We’ve thought through the experiences that matter to people worldwide, and we make products that are portable and ideal - whether it be for home use or for travel.  

You’ll notice something special about Breo portable massagers. Everything is thoughtfully curated, including the materials we have chosen for both experience and aesthetics. Our user interfaces have been designed for easy use no matter your age or background. Our priority is quality and ease of use above anything else.